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June 29, 2015

Advices for the Greek road-tripping experience from Conde Nast Traveler

Although Greece is famous for its’ island-hopping experience in the Cyclades, you will not be able to imagine the authentic experience of mainland Greece. Spend a week for the road-tripping experience, as advised from Conde Nast Traveler, to discover the genuine beauty of Greece. Start off from Laconia in Peloponnese, the southernmost point of mainland Greece, drive to the south side of the peninsula towards charming Gytheio, visit the medieval abandoned town of Vathia to admire the emblematic tower houses and enjoy fresh fish at the seaside village of Limeni; then, head towards Cape Tainaron, one of Laconia’s most notorious legends where ancient Greeks believed that was one of the entrances to Hades, the underworld of Greek mythology, and make a stop at the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Mystras.

One tip for your from the insiders’ of Mysterious Greece; make sure to visit the fortified of Monemvasia to admire its medieval beauty. From there, a thirty to forty minutes drive will bring you to the harbour of Punta. The harbour offers a shorty ferry boat ride to the dazzling paradise of Elafonisos Isle. Don’t miss it!

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