June 30, 2015

Discover the Small Cyclades
If you are searching for an island to find your own serenity of life, make sure to visit the small Cyclades islands! Their  rare natural environment has the power to calm your body and soul and the pure air and their superb climate have the healing energy to fill you with ultimate moments of serenity and relaxation. 

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Winds of Serenity and Waves of Peacefulness


A handful of whitewashed houses reflect under the blinding light of the Cycladic sun and emerald and azure waters run in the golden beaches without a trace of shadow with the permanent sound of cicadas and the scent of watermelon from sunscreens. This is Donousa, a mysterious island of just thirteen square kilometres that, as the locals say, you can walk around it by foot! The natural terrain of the island boasts steep cliffs plunging into the sea while interesting hiking paths of the inland are passing through old farmhouses and rural churches. The island exhales a serene landscape of an indented coastline on the northeastern part and wonderful sandy beaches with emerald waters on the southern part. Some of the most beautiful seashores of the Cycladic coastline spread on this island that will make you want to spend there the rest of your journey. Donousa is home to the spectacular cave of Fokospilia; one of the last refuges of the Mediterranean monk seal Monachus Monachus, and the Cave of Tihos with impressive stalactites in the bay of Xylobatis. So, if you are from those travellers who want to escape and experience something different, Donousa is the island for you!

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The Charm of Authenticity Wanders in the Blossoming Air of Heraklia


“…The island of Heraklia through the haze of legend displays its physiognomy. A vision shining in the sun as it reflects on its marble stones and the frothy sea, the sapphire shells and gulls feathers, the veins of the earth and the light reflections of the crystallized calcite…”

The Consciousness of the Stone Land, Manolis Glezos

What is there to say for this mysterious island of just eighteen square kilometers? Heraklia is a diamond shaped island of the Small Cyclades. In an island of a hundred fifty inhabitants, the permanent peace of Heraklia is swinging in the air. When you arrive at the charming harbor of Agios Georgios, you feel like you have disembarked from a time machine boat travelling to the past. Heraklia is a tranquil island with sceneries of pristine beauty, scenic bays and crystalline waters with shipwrecks. It’s not just the sunset colours or the fresh fish and the crystal clear waters that make Heraklia a wonderful place. It is the therapeutic identity of Heraklia, the magic of the simple rhythms of life. Maybe it’s the time for you to be charmed from the simplicity of virgin nature and the magic of tardiness that liberates the freedom of living. The minimalism in the version of the Cyclades; just the thought of that, is enough for you to be convinced about the peacefulness and the simplicity of Heraklia!

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Golden Sandy Beaches and Turquoise Waters: Maybe Paradise Still Exists


In the cluster of Small Cyclades, two mysterious dots sail carefree in the the Aegean Sea. Characterized as the paradise of the Aegean, Koufonisia host the finest emerald, sapphire and turquoise in the Aegean! Whatever Koufonisia lacks in size, it replenish in landscapes and colors; besides they say less is more. The peacefulness of Ano Koufonisi emits a mysterious atmosphere over an area of just four square kilometers in contrast with wilderness sceneries of Kato Koufonisi and the shadow of the silhouette of Keros hiding in the deep sea. The boundless blue of the Aegean matches with the white and blue houses of Koufonisia creating a magical atmosphere. Undoubtedly, Koufonisia are a paradise of extreme natural beauty boasting a unique geomorphology with tropical beaches, golden sandy dunes and turquoise waters. An island blessed with strips of golden sand that interchange with wave carved rocks and the wild sight of caves, a beautiful escape to the unknown.

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Harmonic Sceneries Blessed with the Hospitality and the Kindness of the Locals


The feeling of calmness is definitely one of a kind. Schinoussa possesses a special energy that will make you appreciate the simple moments in life. The harmonic sceneries of the island will undoubtedly fulfill your day. Schinoussa is a place you will find peace of mind while the simplicity and kindness of the local people will make you feel like you become part of their lives. The beauty of Schinoussa is a mysterious puzzle. Are you eager to discover it? All you need is time and patience. The tops of the higher hills offer panoramic views of the surrounding areas. Just with a single glimpse, you will enjoy an astonishing picture of the islands of Amorgos, Ios, Iraklia, Keros, Koufonisia, Naxos, Santorini and Serifos. Just lying there in the incrediblue. The indented coastline of Schinoussa is blessed with the magic of the deep blue. Staring at the endless horizon of the sea elicits an indescribable feeling of freedom. Although Schinoussa is a small island, you will always find a place to isolate yourself to feel peace and tranquility.   Fresh air, hospitable people, beautiful sceneries and the feeling of serenity; what else you might need?

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