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June 26, 2015

Egremni, Lefkada

Although you might cherish the Aegean, you will not resist to the allure of the Ionian. Gentle and temper with a feminine temperament, Lefkada will acquire your admiration instantly. Endowed with cerulean, sapphire and turquoise waters and verdurous sceneries, Lefkada betrays the whitewashed origin of her name. From spectacular beaches in all the shades of blue to verdant sceneries with flowing streams and peaceful villages, Lefkada enjoys magnificent alternations of landscapes, reserved for the ones eager to discover them. Lefkada conceals millions of faces that will inspire you to explore them each and every single of them. One thing is certain; Lefkada will give you unforgettable memories. Maybe Sappho was glorified from the unimaginable views of the Ionian Sea and leaped from the barren cliffs of Cape Lefkada for the sake of love, to seal her last memories of this divine paradise. Breathtaking views to the deep blue below the whitish cliffs with pine trees hanging over the beaches will make you promise to Lefkada that you will always return to her magical beauty. Nonetheless, the emerald island of the Ionian hides another mysterious world, absolutely authentic and genuine. Although Lefkada distinguishes for some of the finest beaches in the Mediterranean, the mountainous hinterland competes with the heavenly magnificence of its coastline. Traditional Lefkadian houses perched on the verdant mountain slopes, monuments of distinctive natural beauty with towering gorges and imposing waterfalls and colorful valley trails will definitely catch your attention. On top of that, the singing voice of Branelli, the local Lefkadians, will make you fall in love again and again with Lefkada.   Distinguished for their courtesy and generosity, the local people will show you their true spirit of philoxenia! When you travel to Lefkada, you will appreciate that reality is better that fantasy. Where the richness of the blue waters meets the evergreen forests, Lefkada is a paradise on earth dominated from imposing mountainous, divine waterfalls and authentic villages. Will you promise to Lefkada that your vow to return will be eternal?

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