June 25, 2015

Eressos Beach, Lesvos
Countless Beauties, Glorious Treasures, Millions of Surprizes, Dramatic Sceneries and Lunar Landscapes under the Mysteries of the Sleepless Guard of Eastern Aegean

Over time, the land of Lesvos was desired from countless conquerors. Lesvos is an unexplored continent with countless beauties and mysterious treasures blessed with some of the finest sceneries of the Aegean. A visit to the island of Lesvos holds a bucket of surprises with the scents of earth and sea, the flavors of the local cuisine and the endless beauties of the mountains. Lesvos has a land that invites you to discover it; if you surrender yourself to the mysterious beauties of her, you will be richly rewarded with millions of surprises. The rich interchange of sceneries of the island is blessed with dramatic changes of verdant vegetation and olive groves, walnut, oak and pine trees to lunar landscapes of the western coastline. The unparalleled beauty of Molyvos with its traditional wooden houses and the castle of Mythimna, the therapeutic thermal springs of Therma, the flamingos in the bay of Gera, the eleven million olive trees, the majestic monastery of Limonos, the petrified forest of Sigri, the beach of Eressos and the ouzo capital of Plomari attest the rich history of the island and the spiritual tranquility of it. Yet, the beauty and history of Lesvos will still enchant you. Even though it might sound absurd, the endless beauties of Lesvos was the result of the terrible explosion of the volcano that flooded the island with lava and changed the morphology of it creating all of this natural abundance; from the ferocity of chaos to the sophistication of harmony. Lesvos is the beginning and end for cultures that lasted over three thousands years with a rich natural environment, tasteful local products and breathtaking sceneries that literally has everything! The island stands like a sleepless guard at the eastern border of the country blessed with verdant vegetation and azure waters inviting you to drink ouzo alongside the fishing boats stuffed with sardines, and discover everything that inspired Elytis!

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