July 9, 2015

Dance to the Beats of Yoso Beach Bar in Chios

Located five kilometres away from Kardamyla in Chios, Giosonas beach is a long beach with smooth pebbles wide open to the blue waters of the Aegean Sea. Mythology has it that the beach was named in honour of Jason, the legendary hero, who allegedly passed from this place during the Argonauts’ expedition on his quest to retrieve the Golden Fleece.

Set on this beach of Giosonas, Yoso Beach Bar is one of the finest beach bars of the islands of Greece. Relax in one of the colourful cushions and enjoy the delicious cocktails of Yoso Beach Bar!Yoso Beach Bar holds the reigns of one of the most beautiful sunset spots of Chios; undoubtedly, you should not miss the wonderful spectacle of the sunset from there, as the colours of the nature will intoxicate you! A highly recommended spot from Mysterious Greece; don;’t miss it if you visit Chios this summer!

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