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July 8, 2015

Hermoupolis, Syros

The beautiful duchess with the two worlds and the mysterious atmosphere is unfolding in front of your eyes in order to challenge you to travel with her. An irresistible combination of disparate elements of Cycladic minimalism, medieval charm and neoclassical romanticism blend at the heart of the Cyclades. Syros would definitely be characterized as the noble island as evident from her impressive architecture, her cultural wealth and the perfect coexistence of two Christian denominations. Infused with a long maritime tradition, Hermoupolis is a magnificent specimen of aristocratism and neoclassicism crowned as the capital of Cyclades. Behind every corner of the colorful city, another mysterious surprise is hiding with flowery balconies, colorful doors and hidden stairways. You might even feel that you are the protagonist of a movie setting. Despite the proud history of Syros, the island has adopted an anonymity preserving the genuineness of her heritage. Wander around the majestic square of Miaouli to witness one of the most beautiful town halls of Greece, made from Ernst Ziller, the theatre of Apollo, the miniature of the Scala di Milano, and Vaporia, the aristocratic quarter of the city with the best preserved mansions of the bourgeois families, ascend to the authentic medieval village of Ano Syros and the imposing church of San George, the cathedral of the Catholics that rises like castle on the hilltop, visit the noble settlement of Dellagracia to admire the imposing mansions with the spacious gardens and the beautiful mosaics, relax in the villages of Kini and Gallisas under the astonishing colours of the sunset and taste the traditional flavors of loukoumi flavored with mastic, rose, bergamot and rose water.

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