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July 1, 2015

Paxi, Ionian Sea

Once upon a time… Paxi is something more than a fairytale! Refugee for Amphitrite and Cleopatra, the Benjamin of the Ionian is a mysterious paradise. Glorified from the designs of Leonardo da Vinci, Paxi is a tropical paradise where every corner seems as if has sprung from his paintings. Whatever Paxi might lack in size, it replenishes in landscapes and colours; besides they say less is more. A divine island with turquoise waters and verdant vegetation; even the first impressions will surpass your expectations! Since their big bang, Paxi was the destination for ultimate relaxation. Besides, what else could be a place born when Poseidon struck his trident to Corfu with the intention of creating an island to isolate his beloved Amphitrite? What less could fit the god of the seas other than a complex of Lilliputian islands covered with green forests and surrounded from turquoise waters? The crystalline waters resemble pure illuminations of the most beautiful colours of the world while thousands of olive trees reach the sea in the rustles of the windy waves. However, the exotic finesse of Paxi does not only comprise from the steep cliffs, the divine colours and the historical paths; the locals are the true soul and spirit of Paxi showcased from their dialect and their incredible stories that come from Venice. One thing is certain; the Paxians will eventually transmit their love for Paxi to you! The finesse shines on the facades of the traditional buildings of Gaios with the Venetian ocher and terracotta, the lilliputian picturesqueness of Loggas and the traditional atmosphere of Magazia. Blessed with authentic sceneries and lilliputian landscapes, Paxi will give you unforgettable memories. Undoubtedly, Paxi is the ultimate place to live illicit love, to stimulate your divine inspirations and to detoxify from the sounds of your life. Just let yourself travel to the classical sounds of the musical festival of Paxi and you will find your dolce vita with the black wine from the vineyards of Antipaxos! Besides, what could be more exciting than meeting your new love?

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