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July 20, 2015

Symi, Dodecanese

Neoclassical Mansions and Captain Houses under the Romantic Atmosphere of the Colourful Harbour

While approaching the harbor of Symi, you will be overwhelmed from a mysterious feeling. The colorful houses of the village climbing to the slopes of the mountain seem like an image of a fairy tale novel. The rich mythological tradition reflects to the history of the island. The beauty of Symi is a unique spectacle. Neoclassical mansions and abandoned captain houses, cobblestone courtyards and pebbled mosaics give an aura of nobility to the island while the bougainvillea flowers add a colorful touch to the romantic atmosphere. You might even sense the atmospheric air of Symi when you climb the five hundred stone steps that lead to the once most commercial street of the island. Stroll around the kalderimi, the stone bridge that connects the two sides of the village, renowned as the Bridge of Love and you might even feel like you stepped back in another era, and observe the famous shipbuilders of Symi at the small shipyard of Harani who maintain the shipbuilding traditions of the island. An island with strong elements of romanticism, that resembles a colorful canvas, will go beyond your expectations; It will salute you stately, secluded, rocky and wild but above all beautiful.

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