July 27, 2015

Tripinview – Your Ultimate Virtual Trip to Greece

Waters in all shades of blue, from light sky blue to turquoise, and gorgeous beaches drenched in white, golden or black sand pass in front of the user’s eyes at TripInView.com, a site that offers a new way of choosing one’s vacation by offering access to 200,000 photos and 120 hours of video from all over the Greek coastline. TripInView is an innovative application that provides documented video on the Mediterranean coastline country of Greece. With dozens of hours of helicopter flights and a skilled crew filming the relevant shores, it offers a live, magical journey for the senses as the visitor can “visit” the coasts and beaches of the Greek islands. The website was conceived and created by GeotagAeroview, a group of young scientists, professionals and experienced entrepreneurs from Greece, who made it their goal to take pictures of the Greek coastline, meter by meter. The platform is the only one of its kind that portrays the real dimensions of the destinations for those wishing to holiday there, boat enthusiasts, extreme sports enthusiasts or amateur or professional fishermen.

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