August 13, 2015

Discover the Island of Wine

Authentic, simple, exciting, alternative; these words are enough to describe the experience you will experience if you choose to spend a few days in unknown Sikinos.

From the time of legends, Sikinos appears as a mysterious refugee and nothing seems to have changed up until now, as it remains a haven for those who are looking the beauty of simplicity. In Sikinos, you might remember what seems forgotten from the gentle rhythms of a different lifestyle. The warmth of the local people and the unspoilt hospitality of the island will make you appreciate the simple moments in life. Hearing narrations for the ancient wines of Sikinos, the wild bees of Sikinos and the traditional custom of Panigirades from the local people of the island attest moments of a forgotten era. The local people are the true soul of Sikinos. You might feel like that they gave you a piece of their heart. As for its natural beauty, the pristine landscapes and sceneries of the small lady of the Cyclades are stunning, just with one word. Undoubtedly, the main village of Sikinos is one of the most authentic traditional settlements in the Aegean. Standing like a balcony to the open sea, the colours are even more intense in early morning. Only then, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the stunning clarity of the atmosphere. Discover the beautiful trails and the charming chapels, enjoy the crystal clear waters and wander around the labyrinthine alleys to enjoy the endless beauty of this pristine paradise. Shining in its simplicity, Sikinos is a hidden treasure!

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