September 10, 2015

The New Kalymnos Guidebook

The all-new Kalymnos guidebook is on its way to the printers at last! After months and months of work it has all come together in a book that we are very proud of. The guidebook includes nearly 2700 routes, and it also goes digital, including its very own free app for iOS and Android with each copy. More features of the new topo are listed below. The guidebook is expected to be published the last week of September; we will update here and make pre-ordering available in a few days. Until then, a big thank you to all the friends and climbers who supported us during the last few very intense months with their emails, photos, and information. And to all of you still waiting for an answer to your emails, we are sorry we haven’t been more prompt but we promise to get back into the swing of things soon! The new Kalymnos guidebook in a nutshell: The 2015 edition of the Kalymnos guidebook is an all-new print edition of the guidebook + a free application for iOS and android devices. It is written by Aris Theodoropoulos, the author of five previous editions of the Kalymnos guidebook, who has been involved with the development of climbing on Kalymnos since it first started, in 1999. The new Kalymnos guidebook is a 448-page English language guidebook. It features approximately 2700 routes. The majority of photos and photo-topos are new, and in addition to the practical information about each crag (shade, exposure, approach etc) little extras, like GPS coordinates to each crag, have been added.With this edition, the Kalymnos guidebook also goes digital. We have partnered with Vertical Life to make a Kalymnos guidebook app for iOS and Android devices. The app will be free with each copy of the print guidebook (there is a scratch-code included in each copy allowing you to download the app at the App Store or Google Play). The app will also be available as a separate purchase at a later date; details will follow in a few weeks.


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