December 7, 2015

Snowboarding in Greece

Whoever believes that Greece is not for winter, he is mistaken! Characterized as one of the craggiest countries of Europe, eighty percent of Greece is mountainous hiding millions sceneries of unbelievable diversity. Countless mountainous villages covered in whitish snow in the rough winter months and exquisite sceneries with lakes and rivers, state-of-the-art parks and ski centers offer an unexpected winter escape to Greece. Although the occasional rain may spoil the magic atmosphere of the winter, the climate is mild enough as the temperatures vary between 15 to 0 degrees of Celsius. The ski centers of Greece become overcrowded and the hiking trails are covered with nature explorers. Outdoor activities can be practiced in the stunning countryside in the winter while visiting the islands is yet another different experience, away from the ordinary. Snowboarding in Greece is an amazing experience!

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