January 25, 2016

Alimia Island as the set of a movie

The uninhabited island of Alimia between Rhodes and Halki in the Dodecanese, will accommodate the filming of the Belgian Survival game “The Island”, which is expected to be screened in October. The desert island, which until the Second World War kept small resident population, was chosen from the travel agency “Beyond Borders”. The project was decided after the Dutch cooperation agency with the Tourism Department of the South Aegean Region and the Office of EOT in Holland. The members of the mission visited Alimia and were thrilled with the natural beauty, selecting it as the venue for the game. Beyond Borders is a new, ambitious tourist agency launches adventure travel concept, which does not exist in Europe, and attract tourists who love action. The first of these is called “The Island”, with 20 contestants to pass various tests for 10 days, as to find food or to make a shelter, with the winner wins the big prize. Before the start and during the game there will be great visibility to Belgium and the Netherlands, putting loudly on the tourist map not only the uninhabited island and the surrounding islands of the Dodecanese beyond Rhodes.

Image Source:Typosthes.gr

Text Source: http://www.arttravel.gr

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