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February 19, 2016

Brunch, Coffee & Cocktails @ White Spoon

Address:  234, Mesogion Avenue Telephone: 0030.210,653.3645  Metro Station: Holargos   Facebook: White Spoon

Two minutes away from the subway station, you will enter into a different world. White Spoon  has its own unique philosophy, with retro touches, fashionable furniture and music DJ sets that were made for you. A rectangular wooden table with colored plastic chairs dominate on the outside while the indoor vintage atmosphere with the lovely floor mosaic creates a blast from the past; inimitable luminaries and industrial details create a lovely design space, which is delightfully unexpected. White Spoon is open from early in the morning, where can enjoy your perfect espresso with delicious omelettes and other special snacks at the design hub of the outdoor space. When the night falls, however, White Spoon becomes one of our favorite spots! The lighting becomes lighter, the music gets louder and the bartenders mix their ingredients to create the most extraordinary cocktails from the new 2016 menu with a movies theme.What could be coolest than that? On Sunday, we will visit White Spoon for its delicious brunch. We will be waiting for you!

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