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March 21, 2016

Agrotourism @ Perivoli Hotel
A Member of Tresor Hotels & Resorts

Address: Pirgiotika Village, Nafplion Telephone: 0030.27520.47905 Website: Hotelperivoli.com

Situated in the highlands of Nafplio region, Perivoli Hotel, a member of Tresor Hotels & Resorts, is a perfect choice if you are looking for relaxation and tranquility far away from the hustle and bustle of the city routine. This boutique hotel, made with care and love from Vangelis and Alexis, nestles into a mountainside with panoramic vistas to the orange groves that surround it. Perivoli Hotel, a member of Tresor Hotels & Resorts , is newly built (2009), which was designed with respect to the traditional architecture of the area, well equipped with all the requirements you will need. The hotel operates under the owners’ daily supervision and management, as their wish and commitment is that the visitor may be able to rest in a warm and friendly environment, to relax and temporarily escape from today’s hectic lifestyle. The simplicity and warm and friendly welcome of Perivoli Hotel, , a member of Tresor Hotels & Resorts , is the governing principle of their philosophy, which will make you want to stay forever in this lovely environment. The hotel has  11 standard double rooms, 1 superior double room with a privileged position, 1 triple room, which has been also designed for people with special needs, and 1 brand new deluxe two-bedroom apartment. The traditional rooms of Perivoli Hotel, a member of Tresor Hotels & Resorts , include wooden floors, beamed ceilings and stone fireplaces, all of which have been decorated to the highest standards with luxurious furniture. The olive, pale pink and blue shades of color brighten your stay and make it even more enjoyable. One of the most delightful areas of the rooms are the private balconies with superb views to the Greek countryside! Visitors will also have the opportunity to rest in the comfortable and cozy couches of the hall with the high ceilings, enjoy their refreshing dives in the swimming pool and taste the traditional cuisine of the region in the restaurant of the hotel.

Experience Agrotourism @ Perivoli Hotel

Visitors will have the opportunity to use the hotel as a base to enjoy the surrounding nature of the region, to explore the unique archaeological sites of Argolida and to discover the spectacular monuments of Nafplio city through stunning day trips! Perivoli hotel, a member of Tresor Hotels & Resorts , comprises with all the requirements needed in order to brighten your holidays with moments of peacefulness and happiness offered by nature or the unique moments of enjoyment and intensity that the city of Nafplio offers. The coordination of colors in this palette area of Argolida is in your hands, and it is ready to become a truly magical experience. Perivoli Hotel proposes to blend certain types of alternative tourism activities in order to combine the natural and cultural wealth of Argolida region. Visitors will experience natural and rural activities in which they can take part for recreational purposes and fell the joy of rambling and exploring while learning and discovering. The hotel cooperates with local experienced people and licensed partners who specialize in various outdoor activities including horse riding, diving and water sports, wine tours and olive tasting, climbing and much more. At the end of the day, Perivoli Hotel wants you to feel like home, discover like a local and experience as an insider!

Hidden Paths of Perivoli

Perivoli Hotel, a member of Tresor Hotels & Resorts ,organizes splendid hiking excursions (on foot or/and by bicycle) providing escorts to groups and individual travellers, by trained staff. Each trip is a unique experience, giving you the chance to experience the magical natural and the rich cultural heritage of the area. On these tours, travellers will discover and experience Greece at tits finest whilst simultaneously coming across ancient treasures of world level. The paths are several kilometers long, and lead through the mountainous region of the municipality of Nafplion ( mainly guiding you around the village of Pirgiotika). All paths are suitable hikes for all of the family where the nature and scenery are breathtaking. Visitors will have the opportunity to select a path that addresses their own needs, choosing the difficulty degree they wish. All of the trails begin and end at the Perivoli Hotel.

Massage & Beauty Treatments

Those who want to totally relax will have the opportunity to experience massage and beauty treatments! Stress, sport or simply sitting at the desk all day can lead to aches and pains, so it is definite that a massage treatment at Perivoli Hotel, a member of Tresor Hotels & Resorts , will rejuvenate your body. The healing package of massage and beauty treatments offered from the expert massage practitioners, Thaleia Stergiopoulou, is the solution. Visitors may chooce from different kind of massages and beauty treatments including relaxing full body massage, Shiatsu facial and head massage, reflexology feet massage, body peeling exotic treatment, and hydration facial peel-off mask. The duration of the treatments last from 30 minutes to 1 ½ hour, and all participants must be over 18 years old.

Horse Riding

The relationship developed between horse and human is unique. Horse has proved to be man’s most valuable asset. The latter was fully aware of this fact and so gave him corresponding salience In his life and legends. The word “knight”, which currently certifies the politeness and savoir vivre (and in older times honor, candor, respect and courage) derives from this noble animal. Some societies owed their existence and their accomplishments exclusively to the horse. They molded mythical creatures like centaurs, Pegasus and Unicorn, presenting them with superb and magnificent qualities. All the trips start from Perivoli Hotel , a member of Tresor Hotels & Resorts ,through rural tracks and routes, which are guided from experienced guides. All of the horses are specially trained, well loved and cared for. The routes include easy and undemanding courses for beginners, near the hotel and the village of Pirgiotika.

Yoga Sessions

Yoga with walking or cycling program combines two of the latest and most exciting trends. Introducing Yoga into the walking experience allows for a richer appreciation of the physical and mental landscape as the body and mind are opened through daily Meditation, Yoga, Stretching, Massage and Walking. The combination of these elements creates a more fulfilling physical exercise while strengthening and opening the mind for greater relaxation and awareness all within the beautiful natural environment provided from the surrounding area of the hotel. The program is open for all experience levels and ages, and it is a unique opportunity for those interested in strengthening their body and mind.

Experiential Pottery Workshop

Inaugurating the pottery workshops, 1 ½ hour duration, Perivoli Hotel, a member of Tresor Hotels & Resorts , gives the opportunity to young and old people to discover step by step the ancient techniques of pottery with a master ceramist. Participants have the opportunity to travel back in time, and learn how and where the ceramic art began while creating their own pottery with the help of instructors!

Children Guided Tour to the Acropolis of Tiryns & Theatrical Games with the Labors of Hercules

A children guided Tour, of 1 hour duration, to the Acropolis of Tiryns where participants will gain familiarity with the geography of Argolis. Experts of history and mythology will also narrate the labors of Hercules! Within the theatrical games, participants will have a physical warm-up, in order to play a visual game by the dramatization of Hercules’ labors.

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