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March 15, 2016

T- Greeks
Discover the Designs of  2016 Summer

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T- Greeks is an authentic brand, that was envisioned from Rafaela and her mother Jacqueline, and portrays the true beauty of the Greek summer. Although those two women are Brazilians in nativity, they are Greeks in their heart. Their deep passion for Greece was the ultimate inspiration for the creation of T-Greeks. This authentic brand was launched as an attempt to create an original Greek souvenir that solely portrays the genuine elements of the Greek summer. A great project that aims of the showcase the authenticity of the Greek culture is just around the corner. At the end of the day, the greatest projects come from the simplest ideas!

The Aspirations & Desires of T-Greeks

The main aim of Jacqueline and Rafaela is to showcase the authenticity of the Greek culture through an original collection of shirts, bags and hats. According to Rafaela, people must embrace all the Greek products, even if these belong to fashion and apparel. She believes that T-Greeks act as her own step to the project of rebranding Greece. Rafaela and her mother Jacqueline consider that Greece is a country with countless beauties, a hidden paradise that must be discovered; both of them want to showcase Greece from their own perspective.

The Screen Printing Techniques of T-Greeks

These distinctive and unique t-shirts, the T-Greeks, have a special element that only a few people know. All the t-shirts are produced in one of the oldest screen-printing factories of Athens. Mr Zinos, the owner of the screen-printing factory, has showed to Rafaela all the mysteries behind the magic of printing. Screen-printing is a wonderful technique, not widely used nowadays due to its high costs, whereby a mesh is used to transfer ink onto the t-shirts, the hats and the bags of T-Greeks. Although it is one of the techniques being lost in time, Rafaela confessed to us that she wants to create t-shirts that will stay intact from the passage of time.

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