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May 26, 2016

Δiscover Kythera
Captivating Sceneries, Mysterious Symbolisms, Erotic Rhapsodies and Intriguing Legends on the Utopian Island of the Water Nymphs
Captivating and magical, enigmatic and mysterious, bizarre and intriguing, Kythera is an island full of mysteries. Its mystic wisdom is reflected to the inspirations of the era of Romanticism. Kythera is the utopia of desire, the one belonging to Aphrodite, which embodies charm, excitement, imagination, and passion. Symbolism for great intellectuals and renaissance artists, a symbol of the ideal place, and an inspiration for films, paintings and songs, the journey to Kythera holds a bucket of surprises. Characterized as the crossroads of the Mediterranean due to its strategic location between the Aegean, the Cretan and the Ionian Seas, Kythera can be fitted in the bowels of the entire world. The journey of Kythera has been combined with something elusive and impossible, which will never happen; Kythera has acquired a mythical identity and a mysterious aura. Then again, the wild beauty of Kythera attests that it could be mysterious, but it is existent. Blessed with legendary and mythical sceneries, Kythera awaits you for a journey to never land! Just beyond the treacherous cliffs of Cape Malea, Kythera has been long lands of exiles and pirates. On the island of Aphrodite, life swings between myths and reality, giving you the opportunity to experience your own perspective. Whatever you choose to experience, it is certain that your Voyage to Kythera will be anything but utopian. The misty walking trails with the abandoned medieval ruins surrounded from the forceful winds and the stormy seas reveal the true essence of Kythera to the travellers who seek for the authentic aromas of this island charmed from the wisdom of the myths and the legends. Crude as a diamond with a genuine soul, Kythera is waiting for you to discover her mysteries. This island has managed to preserve its cultural identity and its impressing natural sceneries; those who truly love Kythera, will not waver in front of the long journey. Distinguished for their friendliness and generosity, the local people will open you arms to feel their warm hospitality, as Kythera is the place of unique experiences and strong emotions. Blessed with ‘fairytale’ valleys and ‘murderous’ waterfalls, Kythera stands out for its wild beauty contrasts; whether you want to dive into emerald pools and waterfalls or you want to enjoy the pristine turquoise waters of the seawaters, you will be amazed from the natural beauty of Kythera. Even if millions of stars might not fit into the arms of heaven, the starry sky of Kythira will show you the bright dots that fill the deep black of the vast universe. This is the soul of Kythera, that will accompany you in your utopian explorations, and will make you promise to return to Kythera. You will realize that your journey to Kythera was not a coincidence! One thing is definite; the fairies will make you spells to fall deeply and madly with Kythera.
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