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May 25, 2016

Eχplore Santorini
Flawless Beauties, Invigorating Sceneries and Intoxicating Sunsets under the Mysteries of the Sleeping Volcano
The mysteries of Santorini emerge through the vermillion colours of the astonishing sunsets of the caldera. Mysteries of the sleeping volcano, intoxicating beaches and majestic sunsets compose the rare beauty of this island. The eternal beauty of Santorini is crafted through the reddish cliffs and the colorful houses hanging over the deep blue of the Aegean. Characterized as one of the most beautiful islands in the world, Santorini will definetely leave you speechless from her invigorating beauty of the imposing sceneries of the island. Nowhere else on earth exist such an impressive scenery hosting human life. As though the works of the almighty volcano create awe, as though the island is exposed in the most imposing landscapes of the world, as though thousands of travellers grasp subtly a piece of her soul, Santorini is a miracle itself. The feeling of permeation to the magic of nature will exceed your expectations by emptying your mind as observing the flawless beauty of the sculptured rock that hangs over the deep blue waters of the Aegean. The explosive identity of this island will travel you to the craggy rocks elegantly carved lava provoking your awe and the thought that the volcano might be still active will inflame your shiver while bathing in the yellowish sulfur waters. From the volcanic sceneries of the caldera and the idiomorphic black sandy beaches to the atmospheric villages and the stunning views of the hinterland, this island hides mythical moments of romance. The evocative landscapes, the lunar sceneries and the fascinating history of the island attest that Santorini is a natural monument for your bucket list, a destination you deserve to explore even for once in this life.
Εχplore Santorini from the travel guides of Mysterious Greece!

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