August 27, 2016

Cycladic Gastronomy Festival “Nikolaos Tselementes”
The festival of Cycladic Gastronomy “Nikolaos Tselementes”, the sole festival of Cycladic gastronomy, will take place on Sifnos from 8 to 10 of September, 2016. Every year, Artemonas village welcomes the Festival of Cycladic Gastronomy “Nikolaos Tselementes”. The great festival gains international recognition with a wide program of happenings for a period of three days. Local people and organisations from the islands of the Cyclades, gather on Sifnos and present the special culinary and cultural tradition of their hometown.Each island has its own pavilion in the central square of Artemonas, where amateurs with professional chefs, prepare and present the recipes of their place. The guests can sample every single recipe from the pavillions.In a corner of the square, the “Tselementakia” (children 6-12 years), dressed in gowns and colorful culinary caps, participate in cooking games and competitions.The festival opens its doors to the public every day at 18.00, while at the end of each day, at 21.30, made musical events with traditional purposes both of the island and the other islands. Entrance to the festival is free. You are all invited! Programme of the festival Presentation of traditional customs and crafts of Sifnos, such as pottery and basketry, traditional wedding celebration, will take place on the island. Also, a small bazaar with products and treats the islands involved will take place in the Strait of Artemonas. What’s more, the folklore exhibition “John Atsonios” will happen on the narrow of Artemonas opposite of the church of Virgin Mary of Bali. Furthermore, exhibitions of photography and painting will take place in elementary school of Artemonas and the Sifnos Cultural center “Marianthi Simou”. Under the three-day festival each morning, by the sea, under the responsibility of local clubs, Thalassomagiremata, a display of manufacturing traditional recipes of Sifnos, will take place along with a stand with local treats. Discover Sifnos from our travel guides!

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