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August 24, 2016

Enduro MTB Days in Pelion
October 8 and 9, 2016

It’s time for the final round of Enduro Days for 2016. A route with three stops reaches the final. They started in May from Kissavos, passed in July through the peaks of Olympus and now arrive in Mt. Pelion. On October 8 and 9,  the Enduro MTB Days in Pelion #therace will take place. It’s a route that starts from the peaks of Pelion and ends up by the sea, in the coastal village of Kala Nera! The local community of Kala Nera and the municipality of South Pelion actively support the Enduro Days in Pelion and make it gigantic! On October 8 and 9, the knowledge and experience from previous events will be put into practice and the result will be a festival MTB event! The organizers provide the uplift for participants and bikes transporting them to the ski centre of Pelion, at 1250m altitude. The first part of the route is the steepest. For 500 meters we push our bikes to the summit. Going down a little we find the trail entrance to the right. From the bare slope we enter the beech forest. The first 8 km is not timed, for the most part is downhill, only interrupted by small steep hills needing us to dismount for a few meters. In Monastiraki location we find the dirt road below the peaks of Pelion. On the left we see the entrance to the last non-timed section. The view is revealing. Even if we were timed on this section, we would be forced to stop a while and admire the view. The Pagasitikos Gulf can be seen in its entirety. From there the route is 100% downhill. 17 km and 1300m negative elevation is sure to be please the discerning, will raise the adrenaline of those who want to go over the limits, will entertain and impress those who decide to participate in first-class Enduro Fun. The main distinction between the categories is Enduro Specific and Enduro Fun. The category Enduro Specific consists of the most experienced riders in the participation package received along among other (souvenir, entry form, energy gel, etc.) timing chip and number plate that are placed on the handlebars. Those in the category Enduro Fun in the participation package do not receive chip and number plate. They are not subject to timing, not divided into categories nor awarded on the podium. They get their start after class Enduro Specific and enjoy the route as we learned in Enduro Days!


Find out more information from the official page of the event!

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