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August 27, 2016

Spetses mini Marathon 2016
7,8,9 September

With naval tradition and rich history, the island of Spetses is the ideal choice for a sports weekend. Having adopted a policy that prohibits the use of cars on the island and offering a regional network of 25 km, Spetses is an original and safe choice for organizing sports events.

Their beauty is striking and the island is characterized by the particular combination of the green of the pines and the blue of the sea. The beautiful forests and panoramic views of Spetses, the nearby islands and the Peloponnesian coast offer idyllic images of the race tracks.

Since 2010, the Communication Lab company, in collaboration with the Municipality of Spetses organizes the sporting event that has attracted participants, outside urban centers, and has become an institution in sports events in Greece and abroad.

Especially in 2015, Spetses mini Marathon made a series of anniversary events to celebrate five years of the competition (competition personal video “SMM 5 Years Experience”, Facebook contests, open workouts with important coaches, impressive Spetsathlon and finally one spectacular award ceremony of the great champions of SMM).

All the paths and parallel activities are designed to show off the unique architecture and culture of Spetses.

Games Activities:

• Children Swimming race (8-12 years Primary) 150 m. – Free Admission

• Children Swimming race (12-15 years, High School) 300 m. – Free Admission

• Children Road Race (0-5 years) 500 m. – Free Admission

• Children Road Race (children A, B, C grade) 500 m. – Free Admission

• Children Road Race (children D, E, F grade) 1000 m. – Free Admission

• Swimming Race 3,000 and 5,000 meters

• Runnin Races 5, 10 & 25 km.

Parallel activities

• “Spetses Treats” from women of Spetses – Free for Participants

• “Free for all MELISSA Pasta Night” – Free for Participants

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