August 24, 2016

Syros GrEATings Gastronomic Festival
September 16, 17 and 18, 2016
Have you ever tasted the exquisite cuisine of Syros? Crafted with the simple ingredients of the Cycladic cuisine and deeply influenced by the cosmopolitan interactions, the cuisine of Syros reveals its face from the Syrians themselves, their visitors, the initiated and  the novices. Under the twin hills of Hermoupolis, flavours from the west meet with oriental influences, food of poverty taken out from farmhouses and the connoisseurs delicacies of the “rebetika” era, Ano Syros looks directly into the eyes of the rich and complex gastronomy of the grandiose kitchens in the mansions of the wealthy bourgeoisie. The gastronomy of Syra, which has been crafted in recent centuries as a result of its history, is certainly multifarious. The charm of the landscape attracted like a magnet heterogeneous people, different cultures and people, who loved the island. Everyone brought the habits, modes, and tricks, of his own pot! Chatting and eating, the Syrians, with the different origins and backgrounds, share different experiences. A place that combines sunny raw material to salty land of the sea. The cuisine of the Syrians is “an open book”, and one can “read” the entire history of this distinctive island and taste redistributed influences through its cuisine. It is said that the printing house of Syros published the first culinary book, a translation from Italian to Greek, by doctor Zontanos, in 1828. Visit Syros on 16, 17 and September 18, 2016 in the gastronomy festival  «Syros GrEATings», a joint organization of the South Aegean Region, the Syros Municipality of the Cyclades Chamber and the Association of Syros Food Professionals “Terpsichore”, with the support of the Aegean Cuisine network.  With the cosmopolitan aura and the individual components of local land and the seas surrounding,  the culinary culture of Syros is ready to impress you. Visit Syros GrEATings to discover the dairy factories and the workshops of traditional “loukoumi” , impress your palate at the local restaurants and the grocery stores, or even at the cinema and the Town Hall. That weekend, Syros will be tastier than ever!
Throughout the festival 17 restaurants of the Aegean Cuisine network, in Hermoupolis and the villages, offer, alongside their menus, throughout the course of the weekend, special menus with dishes inspired by the culinary tradition of Syros. The members of Photography & Cinematography Club of Syros reflect on the gastronomic culture of Syros in a photographic exhibition entitled “Eat Eyes Syros”, which will be hosted at the main entrance of City Hall (opening hours of Syros-Ermoupolis Municipality). The festival includes an exhibition of the history of the Syrian loukoumi at the Industrial Museum (daily 10: 00-15: 30, Saturdays 10: 00-15: 30 & 18: 00-20: 00 Sunday 10: 00-15 : 00). Saturday, September 17 On Saturday, from 17:00 to 21:30, the space that once housed the “Hermoupolis Market”, aka the summer cinema “Palace”, will be transformed to accommodate live cooking and exhibition of local products. The chefs of the restaurants of the Aegean Cuisine network in Syros and guest chefs who specialize in Syrian cuisine will cook for the visitors while local producers will present their products/ Sunday 18 September On the last day of the festival, the presentation of Syros Greek breakfast in the cafeteria of City Hall will take place, at an event which will be recorded in order to be available for monitoring by the general public.

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