September 5, 2016

Escape to Orloff Resort
One of the finest boutique hotels in Greece

Telephone: 0030.22980.75444 Address: Palio Limani, Spetses Website:

Spetses, the island of aromas, invites travellers to explore a handful-island with whitewashed houses, horse carriages and fuchsia bougainvillea on a stunning Mediterranean backdrop with blue skies and green pine trees. Distinguished for its picturesque character and its traditional identity, Spetses is drawn with lush verdant forests, emerald waters and picturesque houses. Set amidst this lovely island, Orloff Resort is a historical family mansion of the 19th century that has been transformed into one of the finest boutique hotels in Greece. A contemporary and chic hotel with stylish and minimal rooms and suites characterize this wonderful establishment, with a blend of design and tradition, along with a great swimming pool and pebbled pathways shaded from ancient olive trees, and two fine residences. Undoubtedly, the relaxing atmosphere of Orloff Resort is a rare-to-find hideaway just two hours away from Athens. Orloff Resort belongs to the Orloff brothers, one of the oldest families of the island, who have created this establishment with love and great care for the lovers of travelling.
Built in the local traditional style of architecture, Orloff Resort distinguishes for its simple elegance offering moments of great comfort. All of the rooms and suites are nicely decorated with great-quality materials, in shades of white and earth colours, and a fine collection of furniture. A harmonious blend of modern aesthetics combined with traditional materials of Spetses meets the dominant decorative minimalist style with a discreet glimpse of luxury. The 1865 mansion of Orloff family was constructed as a a haven in complete harmony with its surroundings, an estate verdant with olive trees, agaves, jasmines, cranesbills and basils. With great respect towards the local character of the island, this boutique hotel has a contemporary design by providing the luxury and comfort of a modern hotel in order to achieve a definite and unique visual identity. Design drew heavily from the design principles of local homes; geometrical strictness, grace and simplicity blend in the most harmonious way by maintaining a sense of scale and harmony with the rest of the island. Traditional white walls and external stone stairs are set among  the trees, the age old olives and the flowers around the courtyard of the pool. The typical windows used in the resort with their colorful wooden shutters on the inside reflect one of the most characteristic images of local homes. Great emphasis was placed on selecting traditional materials, mostly from local suppliers; rough stone for the walls, traditional roofs with wooden frames and old clay tiles, slab-stone in all interior spaces, marble one-piece surfaces in the bathrooms and local pebbled floors, traditional statue-like chimneys, made by local craftsmen. By respecting the surrounding environment and creating a unique design for the indoor spaces, Orloff Resort combines the materials’ rustic elements with modern design and color selection.
Orloff Resort offers 11 double rooms, 4 apartments, 1 suite, 2 maisonettes and 2 villas well-equipped with all the amenities of a boutique hotel. Built in beds with cavities, metal-framed beds designed as simple cube outlines, tree trunks turned into bedside tables, colorful lights designed for each different room and a selection of seats and objects of contemporary design, create a place of tranquility to relax the eye and calm the senses. Couples can share their love in one of the spacious double rooms while the suites and maisonettes are perfect for families. If you are a group of friends, the two 5-bedroom houses, the Superior Residence and the Old Mansion are just ideal to have a perfect set of vacations. Packed up from the friendly management of the Orloff brothers, it is definite that this lovely boutique hotel will offer you moments of utmost tranquility and comfort. Orloff Resort, a great jewel of Spetses island where nobility and historical traditional beats, is exactly what the namesake brothers wanted to be; a tranquil place to relax in a Mediterranean landscape.

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