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October 12, 2016

Reasons why Folegandros is like no other place on earth


Discover the unique beauty and distinct character of Folegandros

Folegandros island is a place where time stands still. It is a place of wonderment, a place where authenticity has a charm that resonates through the decades. This island is set in its traditional ways, strategically resisting mass modernization in order to keep the refreshing aura that prevails despite its “out-dated” ways.


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Sheer, frugal beauty of landscapes

Folegandros generally has rough, barren landscapes with infertile soil predominantly. This feature has played a part not only in the island’s unsuitability to becoming a hugely popular tourism destination, but also in the years of hardship its local inhabitants have endured.

However, it is precisely this wild and rugged morphology that has brought about spots of sheer, frugal beauty that will literally take visitors’ breath away: Pristine cliff beaches, with undisturbed sand and the clearest, most transparent waters you’ve ever laid eyes on. Imposing precipices that instill a feeling of reverence at nature’s work. Impressive historic structures such as Hora’s castle and charming villages that accentuate the frugal character of the island. Last but not least, unique marine caves, such as Chryssospilia, that carries a long and intriguing history within its rocky bosom.


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Oxygenating, fulfilling activities

The purity of the landscape allows for numerous exciting, oxygen-filling activities. The island is small, with around 15 km total of road distance, making it extremely easy to explore by car. The natural structure of the morphology has allowed for various paths and trails to be created, suitable for walking, hiking and trekking activities enthusiasts of which, will simply fall in love with. These activities involve no cost and will re energise your batteries and breathe new air into your soul. Offering mesmerizing views, you can follow one of the many paths that lead to a beach, depending on your trekking abilities. The island is ideal for numerous fitness activities, taking advantage of all the clean air that fills your lungs, and giving you a new outlook on life. From soothing sunset yoga sessions to core strengthening pilates, in Folegandros you can easily combine fitness with leisure, for pleasure!


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Experience a different, local way of life

The locals of Folegandros have strong community ties, due to the way of life they have had to embrace over the years. They lead mostly agrarian lives, with a siesta time in the middle of the day. Their customs and habits are resilient in time, starting from their traditional “themonies” in which they live in. These are agricultural, residential and stock breeding units that helped the locals become as self-sufficient as possible.The homes are stark white, following the typical Cycladic style, and lime washed on a regular basis. The Greeks have a saying: ‘cleanliness is half the gentility’, which makes locals quite fastidious. Although extremely functional by definition, the locals’ homes are beautified by small things that make a world of difference: flower pots and vases, handmade intricate curtains as well as colourful doors, windows, decanters and watering cans. Apart from the religious holidays that come hand in hand with funfare celebrations, visitors can easily experience the even more personal customs such as the occasional square feasts with plenty of food, wine, music and dance as well as the occasional wedding, the preparations for which can last up to one whole week.


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Alternative tourism friendly destination

If you are looking for a cosmopolitan destination with a glamorous nightlife and uber comforts at every turn, then Folegandros is not that kind of island. If you are looking to enter a dimension where local island life is honored in an unspoiled setting of absolute tranquility, then head to Folegandros on your next holiday escape and experience its aura of raw authenticity amidst sheer beauty. However, if you are looking for the best of both worlds, then the design hotel Anemi in Karavostasi, Folegandros’ most modernised village and port, bridges the gap between the old and new, offering its guests some understated contemporary luxuries all the while maintaining the island’s traditional character.


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The uniqueness of Folegandros is gradually coming to the forefront of alternative tourism, and has recently received significant attention from travel bloggers who are seeking a different, more quality travel experience that allows the visitor to become fully integrated local island life, uninterrupted by the modern day rhythms of life.

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