October 12, 2016

UNESCO: Athens as the World Book Capital of 2018
Athens was appointed as a World Book Capital for 2018 by UNESCO, according to the notice of the international organization. The Director General of UNESCO, Irina Bokova, proceeded to the above movement, on the recommendation of the Advisory Committee of the program. According to the announcement, the city of Athens was chosen as the book capital of 2016 for the quality of its activities, supported by the entire book industry, while the proposed program includes meetings with writers, translators and illustrators to concerts, thematic exhibitions, poetry reading nights and workshops for the promotion of professionals. The program aims to make books accessible to the city’s population, including immigrants and refugees. Furthermore, members of the Advisory Committee praised the cultural infrastructure of Athens and experience in organizing international events. Cities designated as World Book Capital by UNESCO, must promote books and reading and  organize activities in the year selected, which begins with the celebration of World Book Day and Copyright, on 23 April. Greece is the 18th city designated World Book Capital. Other cities acclaimed as World Book Capital include Madrid (Spain) in 2001, Alexandria (Egypt) in 2002, New Delhi (India) in 2003, Antwerp (Belgium) in 2004, Montreal (Canada) in 2005, Turin ( Italy) in 2006, Bogota (Colombia) in 2007, Amsterdam (Netherlands) in 2008, Beirut (Lebanon) in 2009, Ljubljana (Slovenia) in 2010, Buenos Aires (Argentina) in 2011, in Yerevan (Armenia ) 2012, Bangkok (Thailand) in 2013, Port Harcourt (Nigeria) in 2014, in inches (South Korea) in 2015, Wroclaw (Poland) in 2016 and Conakry (Guinea) in 2017.

Image from Constantinos Iliopoulos

Translated from Kathimerini.gr


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