October 25, 2016

Winter wonderlands for X-mas beyond the Greek capital


Greece is a paragon of a great fall shoulder season, dragging the remnants of summer way into September and through October, with Autumn barely making its appearance on the post summer landscapes. As the progression of the seasons is less distinctive and dramatic, the mildness of Greece’s climate makes the heaviest season of all, full of options!

Christmas, the highest spiritual celebration of the impending Winter season, is traditionally a homely holiday experience. Families find their winter sanctuary in the warmth of their own home, all gathered round the brightly lit tree or fireplace, exchanging gifts, tucking into home cooked holiday dinners, spreading hope and joy among all the members. Yet in Greece, the weather does not keep you homebound and allows for a …different kind of Christmas; why not consider a Christmas break away from your base, and enrich your Christmas agenda for a change, seeking new experiences rather than being the host (or a guest) for yet another year!

Classy Christmas for leisure seekers || Corfu, Ionian Sea

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Corfu is an island in the Ionian that combines island feel and city life, quite expertly. Caught somewhere in the middle between the eras of history that have passed and the modern day, it offers such a classy, sophisticated atmosphere, especially during Winter. With the summer tourist buzz gone, Corfu town comes into its own, finding its own rhythms. The picturesque alleyways are brightly lit, and strolls up and down the main promenade will fill you with impressive winter visuals. Although the temperatures will allow for leisurely walks, couples seeking cozy privacy can indulge in panoramic views of the Ionian in luxurious comfort, and surround themselves with artistic flair. As for experiencing all the Christmas magic of Corfu, the carols, hymns and the community philharmonic band processions will absolutely enchant you!


Cosmopolitan Christmas for families || Heraklion, Chania


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Crete is an island that needs no introductions. Enjoying the most ambient whether in all of Greece, the variety of the land makes it possible to experience Christmas in many different scenarios. Heraklion, the Cretan capital, is a city by the sea that is more than capable of welcoming visitors of all sorts, and all year round. Families can explore all the treasures of Heraklion, its interesting archeological and historic sites and saunter around the cobblestone streets, the grandiose piazzas all lit up anticipating the celebration of Christmas. Consider staying at the family-friendly Galaxy Hotel Iraklio, and be prepared to be enveloped in the warm hospitality of their spacious family rooms, with a personal touch to their services that will excite you and your little ones. Spend some quality time with the family, yet in the case that the parents need to do some work during their stay, all the professional amenities are at their disposal.

Cozy Christmas for business & pleasure || Chania, Crete


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If you are looking for a place to combine business with pleasure, then Chania offers the best of both worlds. During a business trip, you don’t want to bring the office on holiday, but rather, you want to find that perfect mix between constructive days and pleasant nights. Chania town offers wonderful scenic views, a relaxed and cozy atmosphere full of Christmas ambiance, while it also lends itself for getting some work done, especially if you choose to stay at a city hotel such as Samaria Hotel. Get your days work done and dusted in time for dinner, so you can admire the evening lights and winter aura with a stroll on the harbour promenade, up to the famous Venetian Lighthouse. Similarly, couples will become enamoured with the charm that Chania exudes, as it is also quite a romantic destination. Colourful stores in a labyrinth of alleyways, bars and coffeeshops, authentic tavernas and quaint bistros brimming with the scent of freshly brewed Raki; all through December Crete is alive with the Raki festivities of Rakokazana or Kazanemata, which is a Cretan tradition you don’t want to miss either.

Spa-rkling Christmas for a brand new you || Aidipsos, Euboea


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Spas and winter go together …like marshmallows and hot cocoa! Wellness is more easily achieved during the colder, winter months when your body burns more calories and is more susceptible to treatments and therapies, fortifying itself against the lower temperatures of the season. This is a great opportunity for a spa-rkling Christmas getaway during which you will be pampered and rejuvenated. Choose to stay in a historic location that combines spa experiences, such as Thermae Sylla Wellness Spa Hotel in Aidipsos, and indulge in the caring, healing hands of the spa professionals. The added bonus is the wonderful winterland aura that will surround you while you dive into wellness; soak in the outdoor thermal pool of Thermae and feel the sense of total bliss fill you up as snowflakes sit on your nose and eyelashes, while you gaze into a sky full of contradictions. If you are not brave enough for an outdoor session (which is strongly recommended), there is plenty of wellness to be achieved indoors, with numerous treatments designed to relax your senses, nurture your skin, relieve tension, and replenish your being. After all of that, you can cozy up in lobby and revel in the Christmas spirit, and feel the difference from the inside, out!


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