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December 16, 2016

Gorgeous summer vistas to look forward to

Daydreaming … ahead of wintertime, away from white, snowy plains and frigid, low temperatures, the true, avid traveller is already thinking one season in advance. As most people are already set for their Christmas and New Year’s travelling affairs, December and January are ideal months to start entertaining the idea of the next spring or summer escape. At a time when winter festivities are in order, we dare to explore the mysteries of some absolutely gorgeous Greek vistas to be experienced next spring and summer, even though it is just the beginning of winter.    

An alternative side to an all time classic

Santorini has been a popular island destination for decades now. A place of mesmerising beauty, it hosts millions of people each year, all in the quest to find their own personal paradise among its cobblestone streets and colourful beaches. Offering an alternative to the beaten track, we take you to the area of Akrotiri, on the southernmost tip of the crescent.


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With an alluringly different vantage point than usual, from the dreamy Astarte Suites’ terraces the visitor can dive into immaculate views of the Caldera’s strata, the volcano and of course the vast, big blue of the Aegean. With sensually intriguing interiors and more than impressive exteriors, here you can surrender to a …beauty bath made for your your eyes only. Santorini’s first timers will be instantly enthused, while Santorini veterans will be pleasantly surprised by this different angle of the otherwise notoriously gorgeous but frequented island.

A new, calming horizon strewn at your feet

Halkidiki is the Greece’s gem of the north. Its locals swear by it, come summer, spring or fall. Having already singled out this amazing place in the Kassandra peninsula, it’s pristine, sandy shore has only seen a single season’s worth of visitors.


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The calm of the azure sea, the serenity of this peaceful spot, and the exclusive, wellness experiences related to the 5* services of the Miraggio Thermal Spa Resort constitute an ideal choice for those seeking to retreat, repose and rejuvenate themselves. If you choose a sea view suite, you can wake up to extraordinary visuals from the comfort of your bed, and feel the difference an instant makes, if it entails a horizon of blue hues as far as the eye can see.

Divine panoramas in a sacred place

The Ionian boasts a different kind of beauty, atypical to the rest of the Mediterranean. Resembling the tropics more than its Aegean counterpart, the Ionian boasts turquoise shores and islands that hide grottos in their bowels.

One sensational spot offering staggering panoramas and versatile vistas due to a picture perfect sky at sundown, is the Pelekas Monastery, that overlooks one of Corfu’s most beautiful beaches. With a 400 old monastery around 4km from Pelekas beach, this place combines wonderful natural surroundings, with a certain peacefulness that prevails in the air. Families can unwind and spend quality time while adult guests can experience private moments tailored to their needs, in a setting of sheer bliss, where private dining with breathtaking views can be a daily treat for the senses. 

Interchanging visuals for cultural thrill seekers

Apart from stunning visuals, the charm of Greece lies in the fact that it also combines striking cultural sites that are laced with ages of history. Remnants of old civilisations that fill your mind with images of past glories, and flood your soul with awe and reverence for the people that once lived among the ruins. 

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Cultural thrill seekers can find their mecca in Greece, especially if they choose to cruise through antiquity. Discover the coastal city of Nafplion and its fortress, which used to be Greece’s first capital before Athens, and get to explore the ancient, “rich in gold” as Homer used to call it, Mycenae site which dates back to 1650 B.C. including some truly riveting monuments.

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The next day, your visuals change once again, arriving at the natural harbour of ancient Gythion that was used by the infamous Spartans then across to the strangely desolate yet alluringly beautiful Mani; experience the impressive and unusual watery caves of Diros which are considered an important natural site of Greece.

The thrills continue, until your cruise comes to an end. Just in time to start thinking about the next vista to lust over.

Diros Caves © Mysteriousgreece.com

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