January 5, 2017

Experience Athens as a local with Greeking.me

Have you ever thought about experiencing the authentic side of Greece?

We have the right solution for you!

Greeking.me is a creative travel company that gives the opportunity to avid travellers to experience highly customized experiences with knowledgeable & fun field experts. The lovely team of Greeking.me will showcase to you Greece from an insider’s point of view, since their services include thematic and tailor-made Athens walking tours, unforgettable gastronomic experiences, family-friendly promenades and folk-dancing lessons.  Greeking.me uniquely combines the cultural exploration with the local insights of the city by inventing original tours and providing to their customers with outstanding guides, inspiring itineraries & valuable commentary.

The mystery of Greeking.me is the focus on that single guest and how they would feel on this tour, with that guide – paying attention to these little things that make the difference.

It is no coincidence that Greeking.me has been awarded as the Exclusive Tour Operator of the Year 2017 by Luxury Travel Guide, for featuring the best of Greece to their guests!

Below, you will find three of our favorite tours!

The Secret Acropolis


The Parthenon © Greeking.me

Join the Greeking.me team for one of the most interesting tours of Athens! Grasp the opportunity to have an intriguing insight into a secret side of the Acropolis Hill, a tour off-the-beaten-track. “Duck into” secret pathways of history to sneak a look at the hidden parts of the time trail laid on the sacred rock since almost 3,500 BC. Dig deep into the history layers and unravel the unexpected and the unseen.

The Secret Acropolis tour  unveils secrets of centuries; walking around the sacred rock, travellers will have the opportunity to discover Propylaea and the lost gallery of the Ancient World that hosted works of famous artists of the ancient era. From the secret cults of goddess Athena to spicy stories about Pericles’ wife, your walk in Acropolis will unfold secret facts, gossip and rumors of the sacred rock. Find out about women with special privileges in Ancient Athens and get to know a stellar cast of famous figures that walked the very ground you stand on. And this is not even the half of it!

Brace yourself and give into an unforgettable journey!


Highlights of Secret Acropolis

Enjoy a private-guided tour with our expert and licensed tour guide

Take a memorable journey to the Secret Acropolis

Let your jaw drop with the myths, stories and fun facts braided with the Acropolis Hill

Find out exceptional figures that left a distinct footprint at the Acropolis

Discover the different functional roles of the Acropolis across the centuries


The Hunt

Solving puzzles & riddles © Greekingme.com

The clock is ticking! Not time to waste! You need both smart moves and quick pace to compete in this game! Follow the directions and wind down the city to discover its beautiful neighborhoods and historical monuments.

Take part in a unique game experience in the city of Athens and be an explorer , a hunter or even a spy! Find yourself through twisting trails, solve riddles and unlock the mysteries of your mission to finally get to the Treasure Chest of Greeking.me!

Hunt for evidence, interact with locals and solve the puzzles! Get your spirits up and dig out extra clues to work your way through strange paths and tucked away local spots only to collect extra credits for your final target!

Make it to the “Treasure Chest” and be the winner of a fantastic prize!

Teamwork, observation, speed and insight are the necessary keys you need to unlock the mysteries in this journey. Needless to say that you will capture the best and funniest of your moments during the Hunt.


Discover Athens history in a fun and interactive way

Practice your observation and time-management skills

Develop your insight and speed through challenging tasks

An excellent team building activity for businesses

Ideal for family bonding

Photos of your experience to remember your best moments in the game


Athens for Foodies

© Greeking.me

What better way to explore Athens than eating your waythrough it? As you will get personal attention from your knowledgeable guide, you will be introduced to the history of Greek gastronomy and discover beautiful neighborhoods & off the beaten path food shops.

With an in-the-know foodie guide, you’ll enjoy 15 (!) tastings of the Greek cuisine as you walk through the lovely neighborhoods of Athens, to meet vendors and learn about secret Greek recipes. From traditional pies to cold cuts to stuffed tomatoes to loukoumades, your taste buds will be tingling the entire time. Big tip: come hungry!

Starting from Syntagma Square, where the heart of Athens is beating, you will enjoy a taste of Greece you won’t soon forget. In this four-hour experience your foodie expert guide will share with you insights about the enduring history of Greek food and the local culture. Starting your day with a traditional stuffed phyllo pie from a family-run place since the 20’s, you will be lead to hidden culinary gems inside the city that only locals know about. We will visit many different food and pastry shops, off the beaten path taverns & traditional restaurants but also explore the Athens Central Market, the center of Athens commercial life.

You will learn why food is a special element of Greek culture; the different fresh and pure ingredients that the Greek land provides us with during all seasons; how different spices have different uses and what makes Greek cuisine so special. Featuring 15 delicious tastings like dolmades, pastourma, feta cheese and Greek rice pudding, you’ll get to escape the crowds and taste the best of what Athens has to offer.

We warn you not to eat breakfast & guarantee there will be no room for lunch!

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