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February 2, 2017

A museum in the Tatoi Palace


The first step in creating the “Museum of Dynasty George” in the building of Tatoi Palace was made by the Central Council for Modern Monuments on December of 2016. The KNSM examined the restoration preliminary study thanks to the initiative of the Friends Association of the Tatoi Estate.


Tatoi Royal Palace, 1930’s ©

The study presented by the Director of the Directorate for Protection and Restoration of Modern Monuments, Amalia Androulidaki, and architect Magkourilou Anastasia, specialist for the restoration of the summer palace in a royal estate ,got approval for the next phase of drafting the final design.

The restoration research and the museological study will take place in order to convert the palace into a museum, since an incalculable inventory of furniture and works of art of the royal family are stacked in warehouses.

Today, the building, a replica summer palace in Petergof Russia, is in good condition , despite its long abandonment. The main building of the palace, designed by Savvas Boukis, was erected in 1884 by King George I, while specially designed gardens and an aesthetic forest were also developed in the surroundings of the palace.

The restoration will focus on the initial internal and external form of the palace and the internal traffic.



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