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February 16, 2017

The top 4 recommendations for taking advantage of an early summer break


Greece – a stunning country, blessed with enormous richness in both its land and its seas. A hospitable country, filled with warm, welcoming people. A riveting country, brimming with ancient relics and remnants that remind us that this was once considered, and justifiably so, the navel of the world. With these facts as a given, travellers sometimes feel at a loss about where to start experiencing Greece. As the Greek weather is never in crisis (thankfully), summer comes early even during spring! And as spring is almost about to dawn on us, here are four top recommendations that will place you ahead of summer, taking advantage of these amazing locations and the experiences they have to offer.

Ultimate indulgence in Crete’s most exclusive gulf

Crete is an entire destination on its own; Greece’s most autonomous island with a particular character, a strong personality and countless natural beauties, points of interest, landmarks, and experiences to be had. One of these striking places is the Mirabello Gulf, the largest one of the Greek islands that offers travellers an incredible advantage. Complete seclusion in an exclusive location found nowhere else in Greece. 

You can indulge in the extensive facilities of Elounda Gulf Villas & Suites and you are sure to experience a vacation of luxurious experiences. Ideal for groups of friends or families, as well as being the perfect romantic retreat for couples, your wellness goals can also be achieved with incredible spa pool facilities, plus you’ll get to taste the best of Crete’s flavours with hearty, buffet breakfasts & dinners. For even more exclusive dining, in-villa or in-suite dining is available, tailoring your culinary experience to your preferences and desires. Also boasting a private beach only for guests, all members of families can fully enjoy themselves through the Cool Kids club services that also available. Exploring Crete is also within your grasp, by land or sea, so all you need to do is figure out how many days would suffice for you to say that you’ve relaxed enough. 

Absolute comfort in the heart of Santorini

Santorini is by far a very popular destination with unsurpassable natural beauty. A strange, crescent shape, a dormant volcano, colourful beaches and a town that is perched on a dramatic caldera cliff. Choices and possibilities on this island are endless, although it has been branded as the mecca of honeymoons. Santorini is a great destination for friends, families as well, as apart from the romance factor that the island exudes, it also offers quality nightlife options, and a myriad of activities suitable for families too! Archaeological findings are not scarce either, so there is also a strong cultural element of Santorini through the ages to be explored. Staying in Fira town is undoubtedly a wise choice as you will get to experience the island’s vibe first hand, at any time you choose to. Surround yourself with Cycladic aesthetics and absolute comfort in an environment of understated luxury by choosing Kalisti Hotel and indulge in the luxury of simplicities that make visiting a place part of a lifetime memory. 

Unlimited panoramas of bliss in Corfu

The Ionian sea and islands that exist among it are known for a more tropic kind of beauty than their eastern counterparts in the deep blue Aegean sea. First time travellers will not believe the amazingly azure waters and silky shores that grace the Paxos and Antipaxos islands, however, these are best experienced as day trips by boat while staying at a more cosmopolitan island like Corfu, the emerald lady of the Ionian. Now imagine one of Corfu’s best beaches with unlimited panoramas of a sky painted majestically in the colours of the Corfiot sunset. You’ve arrived at the highly sought after destination of the cliff-like Kontogialos beach and Pelekas Monastery. A place that offers a fulfilling, integrated hospitality experience for everyone who seeks to combine a resort ambiance with incredible views, day or night, and has a itch to explore the Ionian further. 

Explore Athens and discover a coastal paradise close-by

Being a coastal city, Athens almost always has the summer vibe. The whole extrovert Greek mentality is inextricably linked to the general gloriousness of the Greek climate, and the generosity of the Greek sun. Athens has so much to show, starting with the old town centre areas of Plaka and Monastiraki that will charm you with their quaint shops, under the imposing rock of the Acropolis. People out and about, having their coffees outdoors, dawdling around and soaking in the aura of the ancients that permeates the entire city. A thousand plus one ancient landmarks patiently await to be discovered, and they are not only restricted to the centre. The further beyond Athens you go, the more interesting the landmarks become, bearing in mind that Athens was a fully fledged cosmopolitan city even in ancient times. The temple of Poseidon in Sounio is a must visit especially during sunset, and it is only a 40 minute drive approximately, within the outskirts of Athens. And if you wish to venture out a bit further to a coastal paradise not so far away, a summer favourite among locals is the area of Porto Heli in the Peloponnese, about 2 ½ hours from Athens.

Home to a gorgeous bay, Porto Heli is situated opposite the Argosaronic island of Spetses which you can easily visit via boat crossing over from AKS Hinitsa Bay’s private pier. And since you’ve reached Peloponnese’s most tranquil bay, this opens up another world of exploring mystical places such as Mycenae, the ancient theatre of Epidaurus, the charming city of Nafplio and even the most impressive of all, Monemvasia. 


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