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March 23, 2017

Mount Athos Pilgrimage

“Mount Athos with skis and snowboard. This was an idea we all had been dreaming about for many years, but were not sure would ever be possible. Athos has been a holy sanctuary of Christian tradition for well over 1000 years. It is not a place you travel to for recreation. Regardless of the deep spiritual experience that we, as true skiers and snowboarders, feel on the mountain, most people regard what we do simply as a bunch of “dudes” having fun in the snow. Would the church see it the same way? Or would they understand our perspective. This was the dilemma. Thankfully, we received a blessing and were able to make our winter pilgrimage to Agion Oros, the Holy Mountain.”

Full film coming soon!

George Klaoudatos, Yannis Kotileas, Socratis Bounovas, Dimitris Pantelias, George Armogenis, Constantine Papanicolaou and Alexandros Tsilogeorgis.

Mount Athos Pilgrimage from Constantine Papanicolaou on Vimeo.

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