May 3, 2017

Wreck Diving in Greece


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Until 2005, diving the Greek Islands was very limited. Very strict regulation meant that only 10% of the 16,000 kilometers of Greek coastline was open to underwater exploration. Wreck diving in Greece was always popular with Europeans in the know, but since the rules were eased the seas have opened up to a wider audience. The best spots for wreck diving in Greece are listed below. 


Queen Olga (Leros)

The “pride of the Greek fleet” lies sunken at Lakki port on the island of Leros.

Panormitis (Kalymnos)

It was renowned as the toughest passenger ship that was able to cope under demanding conditions. A difficult dive. For experienced divers only.

Freighter Kyra Eleni (Patroklos)

Sank on 06-1-1978 due to bad weather.  

Piper AIrcraft (Makronissos)

Even the flight book may be seen inside this sunken airplane.

Patris Shipwreck (Kea)

Preserved in excellent condition, this shipwreck is impressive, even for experienced divers.

Beaufighter WW II Aircraft (Naxos)

Sunk horizontally, almost as if the pilot landed the aircraft 34 meters underwater.

Kaptain Ismail Hakki (Lakonia)

If you’re a diving beginner and love taking photographs, then this is the ideal wreck for you.

Motorship Cassandra (Evoia)

The greater part of this shipwreck has been saved and is visible from the water’s surface during the summer.

Perseus Submarine (Kefalonia)

If you’re an experienced diver, prepare to enter a time-machine of a wreck. This British naval submarine remains virtually undamaged.

Liberty (Pserimos)

The bow may be explored with just a mask and snorkel.



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