December 25, 2019

Best Places to Visit in Greece Being a Student

Greece is one of those destinations that can encompass a lot of variety and can leave you spiritually and culturally enriched, regardless of your age. This country has an astounding historical and cultural heritage, it has breathtaking seashores and numerous splendid islands, legendary mountains, and natural landscapes, it has countryside, thermal waters, exquisite cuisine, vibrant and friendly people to party with. The objectives are tightly packed geographically and are all within reach. Importantly, it is a European society with a European mentality and functional law, which should make Westerners feel comfortable regardless of how long they stay.  Considering all these, a Greece vacation is a very safe and entertaining option.

Planning First!

If you organize your own trip, don’t rush it. While we agree that overthinking can spoil the pleasure sometimes, failing to do some basic research can be much more disastrous. Thus, take your time to plan the trip and take your time to enjoy it – the latter might mean learning to not worry about all the assignments waiting for you at home. Just be aware that if you happen to be late with a task or two, it is possible to buy college research paper today, while you are on vacation, or even when you return. All you need to do is upload the detailed instructions and wait for the academic assistants to provide you with a completed paper or project. Next, you can simply log into your student platform and upload the task. So just free your mind and start planning your journey.

Important Places to Visit for the Young and Restless


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When hearing about Greece, many people think first about the islands and Athens, while the rest is somewhat overlooked. No doubt – the islands of Santorini, Corfu, Zakynthos, Mykonos, Rhodes, Skiathos are renown all around the world for their beautiful beaches, sunny weather, romantic views – this Telegraph article explores them in detail. But there are plenty of reasons to visit Greece apart from these islands.


Lalaria Beach, Skiathos © Shutterstock

Lalaria Beach, Skiathos © Shutterstock

The continental part of the country has some marvelous beaches too, albeit less known. Take for instance the Damouchari marble beach near Agios Ioannis (in Pelion Magnesia). Such small locations are a harmonious mix of beautiful shores, hiking opportunities, and rural landscape and there are hundreds of such places, where one can step off the beaten path.


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Speaking of natural landscapes, consider visiting Meteora, a monastic complex in central Greece that includes five monasteries built on top of steep rock pillars. This place is a UNESCO heritage site and is a fantastic opportunity to learn about these monasteries and to look down the cliffs from the inside as well as to admire the splendid view of the valley (including the sunsets). Yet other important objectives in central Greece are the Delphi Temple and the mythical Mount Olympus – it is basically a two-day climb to the top.

4. Urban landscapes

Monastiraki Square © Shutterstock

Monastiraki Square © Shutterstock

The two best-known cities in Greece are Athens and Thessaloniki. Athens is a real treasure for people that aim to familiarize with the history of Ancient Greece: here one finds the Acropolis with all its temples, the Odeon of Herodes, The Temple of Olympian Zeus, The New Acropolis Museum, The National Archaeological Museum, the National Garden, the Monastiraki neighborhood, Syntagma Square, the Lycabettus Hill. However, be aware that it might get excruciatingly hot during the summer and even in the first part of Autumn. Also, Athens is simply flooded with tourists, so you should be mentally prepared to literally swim through the crowd on the most touristic streets.

The list of objectives described here could be somewhat personal and might not reflect your interests well. Hence, before traveling to Greece make sure to consult other sources and to consider both classic and alternative views. A good example could be this list of sightseeing objectives from the Culture Trip. Greece is one of the places that few regret visiting. Many tourists swear to revisit it whenever presented with such chance and part of the reason is the fact that it offers much to explore, the other part is that it simply feels like heaven being here. Fortunately, Greece is in Europe, so that many plans to visit other destinations could be easily altered to include Greece in the itinerary. 

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