Philoxenia is an inextricable part of the hospitality tradition in Greece. The actual meaning is …love for strangers… It is a generosity of spirit, a kind of the best “what is mine is yours” attitude. Are you in the mood for experiencing the authentic face of Greece? If you are keen in discovering beautiful destinations, untouched from mass tourism, Greece has it for you! The rich culture, heritage and traditions of Greece offer exclusive opportunities to experience another side of Greece, reserved only for the ones who are eager to discover it. The tradition of philoxenia, aka hospitality, to the travellers continues up until today from the times of Homer. In Greece, when ouzo and raki flow, the dancing begins and you are always invited! Indeed, Greek people wear their hearts on their sleeves! Experience the authentic traditional festivals in Kasos and Karpathos and enjoy the true hospitality in the villages of Lasithi and the island of Ikaria. Discover an era of the 1950s in the islands of Amorgos and Thirassia and explore the permanent peace of Donousa and Heraklia Islands. Discover the pure nature of Zagorohoria in Epirus and find your corner of paradise in the peninsula of Peloponnese. Travel to Ithaca to find your way and visit the mountainous village of Nymfaio to admire the cultural heritage and the surrounding natural environment. Leave yourself in the peacefulness of Pelion villages hidden in forests and drive to the fortified settlement of Monemvasia that seems like a rock in the sea. Travel back to the medieval times in the mastic villages of Chios. Explore the verdant vegetation of the Sporades and hop into a boat for the unexplored Cyclades. If these are not enough for you, make yourself believe that Greece has many more authentic destinations, reserved only for the ones who are eager to discover them. Experience the true spirit of philoxenia in Greece!