City Break


Are you eager to discover the mysteries of the cities in Greece? Whether by air, land or sea, Greece is easily accessible all year round. Every city combines excellent facilities including shopping and nightlife with imposing archaeological sites, exceptional museums and impressive monuments. If you are interested for a city break, Greece has it for you! Walking around the old neighborhoods reveals the coexistence of different eras with scattered neoclassical mansions, luxurious department stores, fancy restaurants and traditional taverns. The urban landscape of Greece has been transformed influences from exceptional Greek spirit. Blessed from great climate conditions, a mixture of sceneries from the mountains to the sea is ideal for those looking for business and city vacations throughout the year! Luxurious hotels and conference facilities constitute another powerful incentive to travel to the Greek cities. The unforgettable Athens Olympic Games in 2004 left a vital legacy to the city of Athens with world class facilities. Discover the cradle of western civilization in the city Athens and explore the rich cultural heritage in the city of Thessaloniki. Visit the city of Volos to admire the beautiful sceneries and lost your way in the old town of Kavala. Explore the lovely lake and the exquisite cuisine of Ioannina city and wander around the romantic sceneries of Chania. Step back to the medieval times in the city of Rhodes and cross the cable bridge of Halkida to discover the capital of Euboea. Explore the aristocratic finesse of Hermoupolis in Syros and drive to the beautiful city of Kalamata to discover the mysteries of Messenia. Travel to the city of Heraklio in order to learn about the glorious Minoan civilization and cross the underwater tunnel to reach the city of Preveza. And let’s not forget about the city of Alexandroupoli that connects the East to the West! Discover the sparking cities of Greece blessed with rich cultural heritage, timeless sceneries and mythical monuments!