Colonized from the prehistoric times, one will have the opportunity to explore the rich historical momentums of Greece all around the country. From traces of the prehistoric times and monuments of the Classical, Hellenistic, Medieval and Byzantine periods to folklore masterpieces of culture and elements of other civilizations and religions, Greece is encompassed with a rich cultural heritage. Characterized as the cradle of the western civilization, Greece awaits to show you its cultural wealth. Archaeological sites, impressive monuments, impregnable fortresses, state-of-the-art museums, world-renowned festivals, holy pilgrimage sites and folklore customs and traditions are scattered throughout Greece. If you are interested in discovering the culture of Greece, an endless journey is waiting for you. You will definitely have a memorable cultural experience! One way or another, Greek culture is timeless. Collapsed columns and traces of ancient temples come alive through ancient performances held in the ancient theatres while legends and myths entangle with the customs and traditions of tiny settlements. From impressive mosaics and imposing frescoes of the Byzantines to whitewashed windmills and fortified castles and towers of the Venetians, literally you will be surprised from the cultural wealth of this country. Old women embroidering and hard workingmen harvesting are just the typical images that will capture your attention in the villages. The natural beauty of Greece has defined the cultural wealth through the centuries. Distinguished for its hospitality and traditions, Greece serves as a magnet for the ones who are thirst for knowledge and want to travel beyond the beaten track. Explore the rich cultural and natural heritage in Central Greece, Thrace, Peloponnese, Macedonia, Epirus, Magnesia or even the Greek Islands. Even if you have travelled to Greece a dozen times, you can still discover something exciting you were not aware of! The Ministry of Culture will provide you with all the information you need for the Greek culture.