Incomparable natural beauty meets ocean myths and legends. Whether you choose the Aegean or the Ionian, the Greek waters are an exciting world full of mysteries! The brilliant colours of the seabed, the diversity of marine life and the underwater seascapes of Greece await diving adventurers to discover its natural wealth! Greece is one of the most famous destinations in Europe for diving enthusiasts due to its amazing sea life and its rugged terrain. Underwater caves, interesting reefs, ancient sunken towns and old shipwrecks create a fascinating opportunity to discover the invisible world of the sea! In fact, the oldest known underwater shipwreck of the world is located in the sea waters of Dokos Isle while the HMS Britannic, sister of glorious HMS Titanic, is found in the sea waters of Kea Island. With a coastline of 16,5 thousand kilometers, Greece hosts the longest coastline in Europe. The Greek waters are some of the richest in antiquities of the world! Indeed, the city of Pavlopetri on the southern side of Peloponnese is part of the underwater cultural heritage of UNESCO. According to archaeologists, Pavlopetri is one of the oldest underwater cities in the world dating five million years ago. Discover the underwater beauty of the volcano of Santorini and unveil the mysteries of the sponge diving in Kalymnos. Explore the underwater caves and tunnels of Chios Island and dive into the airplane wrecks and shipwrecks of Leros and Naxos Islands. Dive with the Mediterranean Monk Seals in the Northern Sporades Islands and meet the Mediterranean Turtles in Zakynthos Island. Enter the El Greco Cave and discover the Jimmy’s Reef and Calypso Walls in Crete. Explore the sunken mines of Serifos Island and dive into the crystal waters of Kimolos, Milos and Polyaigos Islands. And let’s not forget about the crystalline waters of the Ionian Sea! Underwater cities and ancient shipwrecks, once filled with life and glory, provide a mysterious setting for diving explorations full of marine life!