Are you eager to discover natural monuments of outstanding beauty? The varied morphology of Greece is combination with the great Mediterranean climate conditions makes it an ideal destination for ecotourism! Characterized as one of the craggiest countries of Europe, eighty percent of Greece is mountainous hiding millions sceneries of unbelievable diversity while the country has the longest coastline of Europe extending over sixteen thousand kilometers. Due to the geographical position of Greece, the fauna of the countryside is quite remarkable with more than 50.000 species of animals. Indeed, nearly one fifth of Greece is included in the European Network of Natura 2000 for its richness in ecology. Greece resembles a miniature world blessed with majestic islands, picturesque villages, aristocratic cities, astonishing beaches, verdant forests, impressive waterfalls, fantastic lakes and rushing rivers, imposing mountains and dormant volcanoes. To this extend, the natural diversity of Greece ranges from landscapes and sceneries that cannot be found together anywhere else in Europe. Bird watching enthusiasts can observe thousands native and migratory birds in numerous wetlands with high ecological value while hiking and mountaineering lovers can follow many trails that cross breathtaking forests and national parks. The natural environment of Greece is also ideal for adventure sports including canyoning, climbing, mountain biking, off road driving and rock climbing. Discover the authentic and traditional villages of Zagorohoria in Epirus and explore the verdurous villages of Pelio in Magnesia. Find more information for the rich marine life from the National Marine Park in Sporades Islands and walk through the Psiloritis Natural Park in Crete. Wander in the oak forest of Foloi and hike to the National Park of Olympus. Explore the verdurous vegetation of Steni Forest in Euboea and admire the Petrified Forest in Lesvos. Travel to Trihonida Lake in Aetolia for its enormous ecological value and enjoy the astonishing sceneries of Prespa Lakes in Northern Greece and Plastira Lake in Karditsa. Unveil the mysteries of Drakolimnes Lakes in Epirus and discover the volcanic arc of Greece in Methana, Milos, Nisyros and Santorini. A world of destinations is ready to be discovered!