Salty like the waves of the Aegean and warm like the sun of the Cyclades, cold like the lakes and rivers in Epirus and strong like the wild beauty in Macedonia, mellow like the sunset in Santorini and crunchy like the autumn rain in the Ionian, invigorating like the spring breezes in Crete and sweet like the summer in Magnesia, the Greek cuisine holds a bucket of surprises. Associated with societal quality characteristics and cultural elements of the east and the west, the culinary tradition of Greece has recorded a history of four thousands years with exceptional characteristics based on unique quality goods being produced on the Greek land. Besides, Greece is the country that gave birth to symposium, the true experience of Greek gastronomy! In fact, it is believed that Archestratos was the first man who wrote the first cookbook in 330 B.C. Authentic Greek cuisine, unique and full of flavors, marries the taste and aroma of the fresh products coming from the Greek land and sea. Greek gastronomy has a place at the top of the list of world gastronomy, as Greek diet is famous worldwide. The savor tastes of the Greek cheeses, the delicious meat and poultry of the free ranging animals, the superb tastes of the Mediterranean fish, the golden thyme honey aromas, the smell of the unique aromas of mastic, ouzo and tsipouro and the exquisite wines will create a chapter of their own in your palate. Above and beyond, numerous products have won international acclaim as Protected Designation of Origin and received important distinctions for their quality. The birthplace of the symposium entails the true experience of Greek gastronomy!