The end of the Roman Empire influenced the architecture of the Middle Ages in a very significant manner. Lords commanded fortified castles and fortresses with the intention of protecting their land, which later became one of the most outstanding examples of architecture in the Middle Ages. The predominant architectural styles of the period included religious and military architecture. However, with changing influences of Christianity and Feudalism, the architectural styles of this period alternated from Romanesque architecture to Gothic architecture. All these influences have left an exquisite legacy to the Greek land. Can you imagine stepping back to the medieval times? Passing through cobblestone archways and labyrinthine alleys, your eyes will be captivated from the beauty of these monuments. The Medieval Town of Rhodes is one of the most exceptional samples of the island’s history, which has been declared as a World Heritage Site from UNESCO while the Old Town of Corfu stands out for its nostalgic atmosphere, which has also been declared as a World Heritage Site from UNESCO. Built from the Genoese, the mastic villages of Chios Island are believed to have the best preserved medieval fortified architecture in the Mediterranean and the deserted byzantine town of Mystras in Peloponnese whispers the silence of the sheer grandeur of the city. Founded from the Byzantines, Monemvasia is yet another breathtaking tower town just off the southeast coast of the Peloponnese. The medieval castle of Volissos in Chios Island, the Palace of the Grand Master in Rhodes Island, the Koules Fortress in Crete, the Castello Rosso Fortress in Euboea, the castles of Nafpaktos and Nafplio, the castle of Neratzia in Kos Island, the fortified monastery of Saint John in Patmos Island, the isolated monasteries of Meteora in Trikala, the medieval castle of Platamonas in Katerini, the medieval walls of Thessaloniki, the fortress of Neokastro in Pylos, the medieval fortress of Spinalonga on Kalydon Isle, the massive castle of Acrocorinth in Corinth and the medieval castle of Methoni in Peloponnese have left an everlasting legacy to Greece worth exploring! In fact, everywhere you travel you might have the opportunity to discover monuments from the middle ages! Dare to step back to the past and explore the mysterious world of Greece!