Movie Location

You cannot imagine how many movies have been filmed in Greece. Some of these films have won international acclaim epitomized from the Greek spirit through defiance, passion, romance and forbidden love. The international success of Zorba the Greek, Never on Sunday and Boy on a Dolphin went on to receive Academy Award dominations. While Amorgos Island provided an excellent setting for the film Big Blue, Meteora Monasteries hosted major scenes to the sequels of James Bond, Santorini Island held scenes from Lara Croft Tomb Raider and scenes of the Bourne Identity were filmed in Mykonos Island. The verdant sceneries and the romantic atmosphere of Skopelos Island fitted the plot of Mamma Mia, the tiny island of Kastelorizo provided an ideal setting for Mediterraneo, the beautiful island of Kefalonia hosted the Captain Corelli’s Mandolin and the noble atmosphere of Methoni in Messenia hosted the movie Before Midnight. Because of cinematography, the beautiful sceneries of Greece continue to be shared with everybody! Discover more information for the history of cinematography in this section!