Natural Explorations

As expensive perfumes come in small bottles, so does Greece! Although the surface area of the country is small, Greece is blessed with an exceptional diversified natural environment with singular morphology and intense contrasts. From caves, canyons and gorges to lakes, rivers and waterfalls and forests, mountains, national parks and volcanoes, Greece is one of the best destinations for those looking for natural explorations. It is highly recommended, however, to show your utmost respect and observe all the rules and regulation for the protection of the environment. 419 Greek sites have been included to the European Network of Natura 2000 in order to assure the long term survival of the most valuable and threatened species and habitats of Europe. The Greek hinterland invites you to discover it in autumn, summer, spring or even winter! The mild climate of Greece is ideal for numerous activities including canyoning, hiking, kayaking, and mountaineering, off road driving and rock climbing. Climb to Mount Olympus in Macedonia and explore the treasures of Vikos Gorge in Thessaly. Observe unique bird species at Kerkini Lake and Prespes Lakes in Northern Greece and discover the rugged sceneries of the National Park of Psiloritis in Crete. Wander around the verdurous sceneries of Strofilia Forest in Peloponnese and Steni Forest in Euboea and explore the Pindos National Park in Thessaly and the Petrified Forest on Lesvos Island. Escape at the straits of Nestos in Thrace to discover the rich forests and the rare wetlands and hike down to the Samaria Gorge in Crete. Feel the magic of the waterfalls of Neda in Peloponnese and Samothrace Island and dive into the depths of nature in the cave of Melissani in Kefalonia and the cave of Alistrati in Macedonia. Blessed with the finest of nature, Greece has millions of natural monuments waiting to be discovered!