Off Road

Blessed with the finest of nature, Greece is the heaven for off road adventures. From mountains to forests and rivers to beaches, the exceptional diversified natural environment of Greece offers outstanding experiences for enthusiasts of off road driving. Whether you are looking for simple sightseeing journeys or extreme adventures for adrenaline junkies, Greece has it for you! Discover the most beautiful off road tracks and loose the sense of time in virgin forests, hidden waterfalls and deserted villages. Off road driving is one of the best ways to explore the most well hidden treasures of Greece. Some of the most spectacular routes are located on the mountainous areas of Euboea Island and Skyros Island, the rugged mountains of Lesvos Island, the area of Zagoria in Epirus including the village of Metsovo and the Plastira lake, the verdurous sceneries of Parnonas Mount in Lakonia, the rocky landscapes of Asterousia Mountain Range in Crete, the outstanding landscapes of Agrafa in Central Greece and the imposing Rhodope Mountains in Thrace. What are you waiting for? Take your vehicle, hit the road and stimulate your adrenaline!