Rock Climbing

Are you challenged to experience the ultimate climbing experience in Greece? The country encompasses outstanding rock adventures due to its intriguing limestone topography. Rock climbing involves control, strength and finesse. Let you muscles take over control and explore the outstanding sceneries of mother nature! Characterized as one of the most challenging climbing destinations in the world, the wild topography and rocky terrain of Kalymnos is the Mecca for rock climbing. The rocks of Kalymnos are of excellent quality and easily accessible to climbers. There are more than forty organized climbing fields in limestone rock, with good marking in the starting points, fully equipped and totally safe, as there are stainless plugs, with a resistance of 2,5 tons each, permanently situated on the rock, which ensure the security of climbers. The climbing routes are marked based on a difficulty scale, so as everyone will be able to directly verify their progress. Other interesting locations for rock climbing in Greece can be found in Varasova Mount in Etoloakarnania, Meteora Rocks in Central Greece, Crete Island, Pelio Mountains in Magnesia, Tzoumerka Mountains in Ioannina and Lagada Mount in Messenia. As rock climbing is a physically demanding sport, enthusiasts of rock climbing should have balance, endurance, strength and mental control. So, make sure you take information from a specialized climbing company before you start stimulating your adrenaline!