Snow-covered slopes and high mountains… oh wait, is this article about Greece? Who said that Greece is not a winter destination? With one of the most mountainous terrains in Europe, Greece is an ideal destination for skiing in winter. The heart of the winter in Greece beats on the snowish mountaintops where ski lovers desire adventures. The beauty of the alpine landscapes promises unforgettable experiences. Skiing enthusiasts will find an abundant number of ski centers in Greece. Mount Parnassus in Central Greece holds the reigns of one of the highest mountains in Greece while Mount Helmos in Kalavrita, Peloponnese offers you the opportunity to slide down the snowy slopes like an Olympian athlete. With excellent snow conditions, Kaimaktsalan Ski Resort has been characterized as one of the most popular in Europe distinguished for the unspoilt wilderness sceneries of Mount Voras from late November till early May. The precious gem of Pindus Mountain Range is the Vasilitsa Ski Resort distinguished for its majestic mountainscape and its ideal slopes for snowboarding while 3-5 Pigadia Resort is considered one of the best organized ski resorts of the country prominent for adrenalin junkies with difficult ski slopes. Mainalo Mount in Peloponnese is renowned as one of the oldest ski centers in Greece. Skiing on the slopes of Pelion Ski Center in Thessaly will offer you breathtaking views while you might feel like an Olympian god if you practice your favorite sport at Elatohori Ski Resort in Pieria. Renowned for its excellent natural ski slopes rising at an altitude of 2.200 meters, Falakro is yet another ski resort in Drama. Whichever of the 21 ski resorts of the country you visit, you will enjoy ultimate moments of adventure. Ski Greece can provide you with up-to-date and instant information for the ski centers in Greece.