Dive into the depths of nature to enrich your knowledge regarding the essentials of anthropology, archaeology, geology, paleontology and topography. The caves in Greece stand out for their beauty. Enthusiasts of speleology will fall in love with the marvels of these geological formations that beat on the sounds of the earth. In fact, 10.500 caves have been discovered in Greece. Whether you call them time capsules of the past or natural museums, the Greek caves offer the opportunity to the travellers to explore rich stalagmite and stalactite formations marked from fascinating history and geography. Although there are many caves open for visitors, others fully unexplored need the necessary license in order to be visited. As these natural wonders constitute unique treasures of the Greek land, it is highly recommended to respect the environment and leave nothing but footprints. According to the Greek legislation, it is prohibited to explore caves as private individuals, unless you have received permission from the Ephorate of Paleontology and Speleology of the Ministry of Culture or you are members of a speleological society. Some of the most intriguing caves include the Cave of the Apocalypse in Patmos Island, Harkadio Cave in Tilos Island, the Blue Cave in Kastelorizo Island, Melissani Cave in Kefalonia Island, Diros Cave in Laconia, Neraidotrypa Cave in Achaia, Philoctetes Cave in Lemnos Island, Agitis Cave in Drama, Bekiris Cave in Spetses Island, the Cave of Antiparos Island, Pythagoras Cave in Samos Island, Alistrati Cave in Macedonia, Corycian Cave in Delphi, Euripides Cave in Salamina Island, Olympi Cave in Chios Island, Ideon Andron and Melidoni Caves in Crete Island and Chrisospilia Cave in Folegandros Island. The Hellenic Speleological Society can provide you with all the information you need regarding the caves in Greece. Once shelters from pirates and asylums for love stories and traditions, the caves in Greece are reserved for those who will reveal the mysteries of these extraordinary natural spectacles.