Blessed with the mysteries of Persephone, the colours of spring in Greece will take your breath away. Different from all the other seasons, spring in Greece will fill you up with unforgettable memories in pristine sceneries of mother nature. From the purple flowers of Zakynthos and the botanical gardens of Lesvos to the mushroom paradise of Grevena and the therapeutic herbs of Crete, Greece is an ideal destination for a spring break. Innumerable beauties have bequeathed Greece with unparalleled sceneries of nature. In spring, the beauty of the landscapes becomes insurmountable dotted from the regeneration of nature. Whether you choose March, April or May, you will be astonished from the magnificence of nature. Apart from the mild climate conditions, spring touches its utmost virtue due to the brilliance of the flourishing nature. Millions of wildflowers bloom on the brightening roadsides trying to capture your attention. The verdant vegetation of the forests and the verdant slopes of the mountains, the blooming highlands and the prosperous grasslands, the flowery gardens and the thriving natural parks, your eyes will be captivated from the colorful patchwork of the imposing sceneries of Mother Nature. Hop on into the theme trains of Moutzouris in Pelio and Vouraikos in Kalavryta and explore the verdurous sceneries of Aheloos, Lousios and Evrotas rivers. Experience the Greek Easter, the most important religious celebration of the country, in Chios, Corfu, Patmos and Santorini. Escape to the atmospheric Prespa Lake in Macedonia and drive through the villages of Zagoria in Epirus. Discover the beauty of Dimitsana in Arcadia and Kardamyli in Messenia and explore the sceneries of Zaharo in Elia. Enjoy the magnificent of Monemvasia and hop into a boat to Elafonisos Island. Blessed with the finest of nature, spring in Greece reaches its splendor!