From the mythological hometown of the Gods on Olympus Mountain to the endless blue of the Aegean Sea, Greece hosts abundant unexplored mysteries and undiscovered treasures. Famed for its outstanding beauty and its striking flora and fauna, the opportunity to discover the unexplored destinations of Greece is definitely an experience of a lifetime. Are you looking for options beyond Athens, Kefalonia, Mykonos, Rhodes and Santorini? If you are keen in discovering beautiful destinations, untouched from mass tourism, Greece has it for you! The rich culture, heritage and traditions of Greece offer exclusive opportunities to experience another side of Greece, reserved only for the ones who are eager to discover it. Explore Greece off the beaten track! Travel to the remote islands of Kastelorizo and Symi for their neoclassical nobility and dive into the crystalline waters of Paxi Islands. Disembark to the Gibraltar of the Aegean in Anafi and explore the mysterious beauties of Samothrace. Enjoy the tropical sceneries of Chrissi and Elafonisos Islands and travel to Gavdos Island; literally you can’t go any further. Hop into a boat from Koufonisia Islands to discover the uninhabited isle of Keros that resembles the silhouette of a Cycladic statuette and dive into the crystalline waters of Despotiko Isle. Drive to the once continental island of Euboea and head to the Islands of Lihadonisia. Visit the archaeological site of Vergina in Macedonia and taste the fresh fish in the harbour of Gythio in Laconia. From impressive mosaics and imposing frescoes of the Byzantines to whitewashed windmills and fortified castles to towers of the Venetians, literally you will be surprised from the cultural wealth of Greece. Explore the glorious past of the cradle of the western civilization; everywhere you travel, you will find noteworthy monuments worth visiting. Pay your respects to ecclesiastical monuments with great history. Dive into the depths of nature to enrich your knowledge regarding the essentials of anthropology, archaeology, geology, paleontology and topography. Underwater cities and ancient shipwrecks, once filled with life and glory, provide a mysterious setting for diving explorations full of marine life! Picking olives with the old harvesting techniques, collecting the mastic tears, helping in winemaking, learning about beekeeping, and plucking grapes from vines definitely will leave you unforgettable memories. Everywhere you gaze, you will have the opportunity to explore the unexplored mysteries of the undiscovered treasures of Greece!