Wine Tourism

Even since the days of Dionysus, Greece has a long and rich wine tradition that constitutes an important element of the national cultural heritage. Blessed from perfect climate conditions, rich soil and generous sun, travellers will have the opportunity to discover millions of wine routes in the entire country. Dionysus, the god of wine, ecstasy and ritual madness, has managed to keep the Greek tradition of winemaking alive, reserved only for the connoisseurs. Famous wineries with award-winning fine wine varieties and wines with protected designation of origin are dotted everywhere around Greece. Elaborated with hospitality of an Olympian scale, wine surely tastes better where it’s produced; so in Greece! Hike to the wine roads of Greece to taste aromatic wines and learn the art of winemaking while admiring stunning zones of viticulture. The wine routes in Greece cross the major wine producing areas including Central Greece, Epirus, Macedonia, the Peloponnese, Thessaly, Thrace and the Aegean and Ionian islands. The most renowned wine destinations in Greece include the wineries of Corinth and Nemea in Peloponnese, the wineries of Drama, Halkidiki and Naoussa in Macedonia, the wineries in Crete Island, the wineries in Santorini Island and the wineries in Kefalonia Island. Travellers will have the opportunity to follow the entire process of winemaking and dive into the world of wine as a ritualistic experience that enhances the appreciation of the simplest pleasures of life! Are you ready to enjoy lovely wine tourism activities?