Air Transportation

Famous European airline companies and low cost airline operate flights directly to national airports in the islands and mainland cities. Usually, these flights expand in the summer season. Also, there are regular connection flights between the airport of Athens and the Greek islands. The airports of the islands also receive charter flights from abroad usually from May to October. The largest European airline companies with flights to Greece include Air Berlin, Air France, British Airlines, KLM, Lufthansa and Swiss Air. Emirates also operate flights from Dubai. Easyjet and Ryan Air are the most popular low cost airlines operating flights in various airports of Greece.

Airlines of Greece

The airline companies of Greece offer regular flights to major domestic and international destinations. Aegean Air is the major airline of Greece along with Olympic Airlines. Others include Astra Airlines, Athens Airways, Minoan Air and Sky Express.

Airports of Greece

The main airport of Greece is the Athens International Airport ‘Eleftherios Venizelos’ located twenty kilometers from the city of Athens. The Thessaloniki International Airport ‘Macedonia’ is the second biggest airport of Greece located fifteen kilometers from the city of Thessaloniki. Greece has fifteen international airports and twenty four national airports. The main airports of Greece with international flights include the Athens International Airport Eleftherios Venizelos and the Thessaloniki International Airport Macedonia. The national airports of Greece with international and domestic flights include the airports of Alexandroupoli (AXD), Chania (CHQ), Corfu (CFU), Heraklion (HER), Kalamata (KLX), Kavala (KVA), Kefalonia (EFL), Kos (KGS), Limnos (LXS), Lesvos (MJT), Mykonos (JMK), Rhodes (RHO), Santorini (JTR),  Samos (SMI) and Zakynthos (ZTH). The national airports of Greece with domestic flights include the airports of Astypalaia (JTY),  Chios (JKH),  Ikaria (JIK), Ioannina (IOA), Kalymnos (JKL), Karpathos (AOK), Kastoria (KSO),  Kozani (KZI), Kithira (KIT), Milos (MLO), Naxos (JNX), Paros (PAS), Patra (GPA), Preveza (PVK), Skiathos (JSI), Skyros (SKU), Syros (JSY) and Volos (VOL).